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Saint Monica 2142012-1St. Monica’s Religious Books and Gifts

“Celebrating and Deepening our Catholic Faith”


Mission Statement


By providing accessible and affordable religious books, articles, cards, gifts, music, and films, we strive to nurture the:

  • growth and expression of our Catholic faith as individuals, families, and parish community;
  • inclusion of religious symbols in our homes;
  • choice of religious gifts for sacramental events, religious feasts, and other special occasions, and the
  • use of religious cards to bring messages of celebration, comfort, support, sympathy, and encouragement.



Guiding Principles


Evangelization and Formation in the Catholic Faith

We provide books and other religious items to promote growth in understanding and living the teachings, traditions, symbols and practices of the Catholic faith.


Non-profit and Affordable

We charge only to cover the cost of items (including taxes, mailing\shipping; handling) and related expenses.    



No cost is incurred by the parish or any sponsoring parish group.


Self-initiating and Responsive to Parish Need

The parish takes the initiative to respond to the need for religious books, sacramentals, and religious gifts.



This project is coordinated and maintained through parish volunteers and solicits the input of the parishioners.


Ethical Stewardship

This service is provided to meet a need in the growth and expression of our Catholic faith.  It is not to be used for personal profit and is to be free of conflict of interest and operated in compliance with any requirements of law or financial audit.



This service complements and encourages the sale of tasteful, respectful religious items by retailers in our community.

Role of Volunteer Coordinator of St. Monica’s Religious Books & Gifts


In keeping with the Mission and Guiding Principles, the volunteer coordinator will:

  • communicate with parishioners about their needs and the times that purchases can be made;
  • keep accurate records of inventory and monies;
  • submit invoices for payment on a timely basis;
  • provide frequent opportunities for parishioners to make purchases;
  • coordinate volunteers who assist in the project;
  • oversee safe storage of supplies and monies;
  • report to the Parish Priest, Parish Council, and\or sponsoring parish organization;
  • carry out other activities that promote and coordinate the project in an effective, honest, helpful, and reliable basis.


This role is currently carried out by a member of St. Monica’s Catholic Women’s League.

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