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The Purpose of the Cursillo Movement is to bring the Good News that God loves us by the best means possible, friendship, to the best that is in each person.

“The Cursillo in Christianity, is a Movement, that by means of its own method, attempts, from within the Church, to ensure that the realities of Christianity are brought to life in the uniqueness, the originality, and in the creativity of each person. From their deep conviction their freedom finds the right direction and they discover their potential, accepting their limitations. Thus their will is strengthened, friendships are developed by virtue of their decision and perseverance in their daily, personal and community life”.

Our goal is to work at Christianizing the environments one person at a time.

  • Contact person, Rose Longley – (902) 363-2085
  • Cursillo Ultreyas are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm at St. Monica's


Atlantic Region Affiliates


Atlantic Catholic Cursillo Council Chair Leo LeBlanc
Halifax Gary McVeigh (Lay Director)
Antigonish Tri-County Pat Norman (Lay Director)
Cape Breton East Sandra Clarke (Lay Director)
Cape Breton West Trish Campbell (Lay Director)
Yarmouth Joyce Comeau (Lay Director)
Yarmouth Valley Wayne Comeau (Lay Director)
Charlottetown Leo Shea (Lay Director)


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